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Monday, February 25, 2013


The dusty little capital of Zanskar with an awesome mountain backdrop. This cosy little town has everything you need in a crossroads.

The tourist office Ph:01983/245017

Sights to see

The crumbling 'Old Town', where we find large stupas.
To the north a more traditional village of Pibiting has a small gompa dwarfed by a large hilltop stupa topped with a becon lamp.

Around Padum
Karsha gompa - zanskar's largest Buddhist monastry, which dates back to atleast the 10th century. It's a jumble of whitewashed blocks rising almost vertically up the red rock of a mountain cliff. Concrete steps lead to the upper colister and prayer hall with cracked old murals and wobbly wooden columns. French charity Solidarijeune ( helps with it's upkeep.

Zangla & stongde - A drive to Zangla makes a fine excursion from Padum. The highlight of the trip is Stongde Gompa crowning a bird's-eye perch 300m above the valley, 12km from Padum. the entrance to Zangla is guarded by a small hilltop fortress ruin.

Raru & Bardan - Trekking between Zanskar and Darcha generally starts from Raru. The route from Padum passes the Bardan Gompa sitting spectacularly above the valley on a rocky outcrop.

Things you can do

Where you can stay
Phukthar Guesthouse Ph:01983/245226
Hotel Ibex Ph:01983/245214
Gakyi Hotel

Getting there and away
The buses are unpredictable to this place. Jeeps and Taxis are also available

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