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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A trip to Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a Union Territory controlled by the Central Governament of India. After partition of India Chandigarh is designed to be the Capital of Punjab, and according to our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, 'an expression of the nation's faith in the future.' Now it is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh is a well planned roads, tree lined avenues, public gardens, pedestrian piazzas. The city is divided into sectors each with their own shops, schools and places of worship. Chandigarh is unique in its grid design and angular sense of order from any other city in India; is home to the wacky Nek Chand Fantasy Rock Garden.

Tourist Information
Chandigarh tourism ph: 0172/2703839; Sector 17-B
Haryana Tourism ph: 0172/2702957; Sector 17-B
Himachal Pradesh ph: 0172/2708569; Sector 17-B
Uttar Pradesh Tourism & Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) Tourism ph: 0172/2707649; Sector 17-B


Capital Complex
Nek Chand Fantasy Rock Garden
Sukhna Lake
Parks and Gardens - Rose Garden; Bougainvillea Garden; Terraced Garden; Garden of Fragrance

Excursions around Chandigarh

Pinjore (Yadavindra) Gardens - Heritage Festival (Budgerigar Motel ph:01733-231877;)
Morni Hills - Hosh & Josh Hills 'n' Thrills ph:01733-201150; Mountain Quail Tourist Resort ph:01733-250166; Lake View Camping complex ph:01733-250166
What you can do
Tours - Doubledecker bus tours of the city.

Where you can stay
Hotel Kwality Regency ph: 0172/2720204; Sector 22-A
Hotel Sunbeam ph: 0172/2708100; Sector 22-B
Kaptain's Retreat ph: 0172/5005599
Hotel City Heart Premium ph: 0172/2724203; Sector 17-C
AB's ph: 0172/6577888; Sector 26
Aura Vaseela ph: 01762/287575;; Nadiala Village
Hotel Shivalikview ph: 0172/4672222;
Piccadily Hotel ph: 0172/2707571;; Sector 22-B
Hotel Mountview ph: 0172/4671111;; Sector 10-B
Taj Chandigarh ph: 0172/6613000;; Sector 17-A

Where you can eat

Sagar Ratna (South Indian) Sector 17-E
Sundarams (South Indian dosas) Sector 28
Bhoj (North Indian Veg Thalis) Sector 22-B
Mehfil (Indian Chinese Continental) Sector17-C
Ghazal (Veg and non-veg meals) Sector 17-C
Noodle Bar (East Asian) Sector 26
Chop Sticks (Chinese) Sector 7-C
Moti Mahal (North Indian) Sector 17-C
Copper Chimney (tandoori) Sector 26
Barbeque Nation (veg/non-veg buffet) Sector 26
AB's (Mughlai) Sector 26
Hot Millions Salad Bar & Restaurent (soups, veg/non-veg salads, desserts) Sector 17-D
Swagath (Mangalorean and Chettinad style Sea Foods) Sector 26
Yangtse (Chinese) Sector 17-E
Ruby Tuesday (Fastfoods)
Orchid Lounge (Oriental) Sector 34-A
Pomodoro (Italian) Piccadily Hotel; Sector 22-B
Tagore Theater ph: 0172/2724278; Sector 18-B
Kiran Cinema ph: 0172/2705082; Sector 22-D
Fun Cinemas ph: 9888997806; Fun Republic Shopping Center

Shopping Anokhi ( Sector 7-C
Ebony Sector 9-D
Fabindia ( Sector 9-C

Getting there and away

Air India ph: 1800227722; Sector 34-A
Jet Airways ph: 0172/2741465; Sector 9-D
Kingfisher Airlines ph: 9302795005
Railway Reservation Office ph: 0172/2720242


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