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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Visiting Amritsar

Amritsar the holiest place for the Sikhs and the home of the beautiful and divine golden temple. The golden plated gutrudwara glitters in the Indian sun while the mirror image is reflected in the delicate waves of the holy pool that surrounds the temple. This serene place offers tranquility of the place attracts lot of piligrims who spend praying in this temple to find themselves closer to God. The busy bustling bazaars of the city strike a chaotic contrast to the temple within. These streets are packed with boistrous, joyful sikhs who love to party. There are a wide variety of street food and street side shopping opportunities that the colourful delights they offer will dazzel you. Come to Amritsar for a true Indian experience.

The original site for this city is granted by Akbar. Then again another Mughal king sacked Amritsar and destroyed the temple, it was rebuilt and the roof was copper plated by Maharaja Ranjit Singh from then on it was named as the golden temple. The temple suffered another crisis when in 1980 during the term of Madame Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister. The civil unrest that existed between the Hindus and Sikhs during that time made the Golden temple of Amritsar a hotbed for military action which soon esculated and soon blood was spilled on this holy site as militants hid themselves here.

Amritsar has also seen much bloodshed before the Independence of India. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre marks a bloody spot in Indian History and the cruelty of British rule in India. The Brigadier General Dyer arrived with 150 troops and without warning fired on the men, women and children that were present there to attend a peaceful public protest against the British rule. After this atrocity commited by the British General, Gandhiji responded with 'Non-Cooperation Movement'announcing 'cooperation in any shape or form with the satanic governament is sinful'. This was the spark that blazed the fire for freedom in the heart of millions of Indians.

For more information

Tourist Information
Tourist Office ph: 0183-2402452; Queen's Rd.

Places of Interest
Golden Temple - Hari Mandir Sahib; Amrit Sarovar; Sikh Museum; Akal Takhat; Baba Atal Tower; Guru-ka-Langar
Jallianwala Bagh
Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama (Ram Bagh)
Mata Temple
Sri Durgiana Temple
Ram Tirath Temple

India-Pakistan Border at Attari/Wagah
30 km from Amritsar is where the Border closing Ceremony takes place in the late afternoon. People come here to watch sharp looking guards briskly snap their feet and salute the flag. An patriotic feeling almost electric passes through all the viewers on either side as guards on both Indian and Pakistani side of the border perform a well rehersed routine of closing the border. Return taxis are available from Amritsar.

Where you can stay
The Golden Temple offers accomodation for free in Guru Arjun Dev Niwas. Foreigners are accomodated in Sri Guru Ram Das Niwas. Though rooms and dorms are basic with shared bathroom facilities.
Grand Hotel ph: 0183-2562424;
Hotel Le Golden ph: 0183-5028000;
Mrs Bhandari's Guest House ph: 0183-2228509
Hotel CJ International ph: 0183-2535900;
Hotel Indus ph: 0183-2535900;
Hotel Lawrence ph: 0183-2400105;
Top End
Mohan International Hotel ph: 0183-2227801;
Hotel Grand Legacy ph: 0183-5069991;
MK Hotel ph: 0183-2504610;
Hotel Ritz Plaza ph: 0183-2562836;

Where you can eat

Neelams (light eats) near Golden Temple
Punjabi Rasoi (Indian Continental Chinese veg) Golden Temple
Sagar Ratna (South Indian Veg) Queen's road 
Pizza Point (Pizzas and sandwiches) Phawara Chowk
Crystal Restaurent (Global favorites from lasagne to fish curry) Cooper Rd
Astoria Food Pavillion (veg & Non-veg)
Moti Mahal Delux (North Indian veg & Non-veg) Hotel Grand Legacy
Yellow Chilli (Veg Buffet) District Shopping Center
Barbeque Nation (veg & non-veg buffet)  MK Towers


Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaars is for traditional wear like Salwar kameez and saris, while the city's more modern shops can be found along Lawrence and Mall roads.


Getting there and away

Amritsar services domestic and international flights.
Air India ph: 0183-2508122
Indian Airlines ph: 0183-2213392; 39A Court rd.
Jet Airways ph: 0183-2508003; Ranjit Ave;
Kingfisher Airlines ph: 080-39008888; airport
Singapore Airlines ph: 0183-2500330
Uzbekistan Airways ph: 0183-2507744

Apart from the train station, a less busy train reservation office is at the Golden Temple. Trains are available from Delhi, Amritsar, Lucknow, Varanasi and Howrah.
Buses leave for Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, Dharmashala, Shimla, Manali.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

About Sirhind

Sights of Interest

Aam Khas Bagh - a Mughal era walled garden
Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib - commemorates the martyrdom of the two youngest sons of tenth guru Gobind Singh. Entombed alive for refusing to convert to Islam by the Mughal rulers.
The marble mausoleum of Muslim saint Shaikh Ahmad  Faruqi Sirhindi.

Shaheedi Jor Mela held here every December.
Urs Festival

Sahil Motel ph: 01763-228392

Getting there and away
Busses connect Sirhind to Patiala and Chandigarh.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A trip to Patiala

Patiala is a modest little town that was once the capital of independent Sikh state that was established by Baba Ala Singh as the Mughals weakened. It is famous for the Basant Festivities marking the birth of a new season and ofcourse the patiala peg. Funny story, a tent pegging competition between the men of the English Viceroy and the the men of the Maharaja of Patiala. the Indians invited the British for a party and got them drunk with larger than usual measures (or pegs) the day before the competition. They even changed the tent pegs, larger for the maharaja's men and smaller for the British. When the British complained about the tent pegs the maharaja assumed that he they were talking about the 'pegs' they had last night and said that the people of Patiala are very generous to their guests and their pegs are always bigger than else where. Even today  an extra large measure of whisky is called a Patiala peg.

Places of interest

Qila Mubarak fort - A crumbling fort that takes you back in time.
Arms Gallery - Host a collection of antique weapons.
Moti Bhag Palace - Showcases the ivory figurines and stuffed wild-animals
Old Moti Bhag Palace has the sports museum
Dukh Niwaran Gurudwara
- As the name suggests, relieves the sickness and suffering of the devotees who pray here.

Where you can stay
*Baradari Palace ph: 0175-2304433;
Hotel Narain Continental ph: 0175-2212846
Green's Hotel ph: 0175-2213071

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A trip to Kurukshetra

A Place of Historical and religious importance, this place has played a key role in the belief of the Hindus. It is believed that this is the place where Brahma has started his creation of the world. It is this place where Lord Krishna has delivered his Bhagavat Gita sermon to Arjuna when he was reluctant to fight his own family who were fighting an injust war against him and his brothers. The town takes its name from the King Kuru who offered his arm and legs to the God Vishnu so that he could establish a land of ethics and values.

Places of Importance

The Sri Krishna Museum
Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Center
Sheikh Chaheli's tomb

Excursions to South and West of Delhi

Surajkund - Mela (Hermitage ph:0129-25112313; Sunbird Motel ph:0129-2511357)
Sultanpur Bird Santuary (Rosy Pelican Complex ph-0124-2375242)

Gita Jayanti - the anniversary of the Bhagavat Gita.

Where you can stay
Neelkanthi Krishna Dham Yatri Niwas ph:01744-291615

Getting there and away
Daily Buses to Delhi and Patiala


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A trip to Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a Union Territory controlled by the Central Governament of India. After partition of India Chandigarh is designed to be the Capital of Punjab, and according to our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, 'an expression of the nation's faith in the future.' Now it is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh is a well planned roads, tree lined avenues, public gardens, pedestrian piazzas. The city is divided into sectors each with their own shops, schools and places of worship. Chandigarh is unique in its grid design and angular sense of order from any other city in India; is home to the wacky Nek Chand Fantasy Rock Garden.

Tourist Information
Chandigarh tourism ph: 0172/2703839; Sector 17-B
Haryana Tourism ph: 0172/2702957; Sector 17-B
Himachal Pradesh ph: 0172/2708569; Sector 17-B
Uttar Pradesh Tourism & Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) Tourism ph: 0172/2707649; Sector 17-B


Capital Complex
Nek Chand Fantasy Rock Garden
Sukhna Lake
Parks and Gardens - Rose Garden; Bougainvillea Garden; Terraced Garden; Garden of Fragrance

Excursions around Chandigarh

Pinjore (Yadavindra) Gardens - Heritage Festival (Budgerigar Motel ph:01733-231877;)
Morni Hills - Hosh & Josh Hills 'n' Thrills ph:01733-201150; Mountain Quail Tourist Resort ph:01733-250166; Lake View Camping complex ph:01733-250166
What you can do
Tours - Doubledecker bus tours of the city.

Where you can stay
Hotel Kwality Regency ph: 0172/2720204; Sector 22-A
Hotel Sunbeam ph: 0172/2708100; Sector 22-B
Kaptain's Retreat ph: 0172/5005599
Hotel City Heart Premium ph: 0172/2724203; Sector 17-C
AB's ph: 0172/6577888; Sector 26
Aura Vaseela ph: 01762/287575;; Nadiala Village
Hotel Shivalikview ph: 0172/4672222;
Piccadily Hotel ph: 0172/2707571;; Sector 22-B
Hotel Mountview ph: 0172/4671111;; Sector 10-B
Taj Chandigarh ph: 0172/6613000;; Sector 17-A

Where you can eat

Sagar Ratna (South Indian) Sector 17-E
Sundarams (South Indian dosas) Sector 28
Bhoj (North Indian Veg Thalis) Sector 22-B
Mehfil (Indian Chinese Continental) Sector17-C
Ghazal (Veg and non-veg meals) Sector 17-C
Noodle Bar (East Asian) Sector 26
Chop Sticks (Chinese) Sector 7-C
Moti Mahal (North Indian) Sector 17-C
Copper Chimney (tandoori) Sector 26
Barbeque Nation (veg/non-veg buffet) Sector 26
AB's (Mughlai) Sector 26
Hot Millions Salad Bar & Restaurent (soups, veg/non-veg salads, desserts) Sector 17-D
Swagath (Mangalorean and Chettinad style Sea Foods) Sector 26
Yangtse (Chinese) Sector 17-E
Ruby Tuesday (Fastfoods)
Orchid Lounge (Oriental) Sector 34-A
Pomodoro (Italian) Piccadily Hotel; Sector 22-B
Tagore Theater ph: 0172/2724278; Sector 18-B
Kiran Cinema ph: 0172/2705082; Sector 22-D
Fun Cinemas ph: 9888997806; Fun Republic Shopping Center

Shopping Anokhi ( Sector 7-C
Ebony Sector 9-D
Fabindia ( Sector 9-C

Getting there and away

Air India ph: 1800227722; Sector 34-A
Jet Airways ph: 0172/2741465; Sector 9-D
Kingfisher Airlines ph: 9302795005
Railway Reservation Office ph: 0172/2720242

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A trip to Anandpur Sahib

The second holiest place for the Sikh community of India, only after the Golden Temple of Amritsar, this place is founded by the ninth Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur in 1664, before the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb beheaded him for refusing to convert to Islam. His son Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru, founded the Khalsa (Sikh Brotherhood) here in 1699.

Places of Importance

Kesgarh Sahib - is the largest Gurudwara and has a number of holy weapons on display some of them are in the hands of the guards.

Sis Ganj - is a smaller gurudwara which marks the spot where the head of Guru Tegh Bahadur was cremated after it was brought back from Delhi.

Anandgarh Sahib - is 500m from town, where a flight of steps leads to a fort on the roof fromm here we can observe the five petal form of the Khalsa Heritage complex which is inspired by the five warrior-saints in the Khalsa. It has exhibits that showcase Sikhism's vibrant history and culture.


Kishan Haveli 01887-232650
Gurudwaras also provide accomodation and food.

Getting there and away
The bus and train stations are 300m apart from the main rd outside the town
Buses leave daily from Chandigarh and Amritsar.
Overnight train from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh connects Anandpur Sahib with Delhi


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Haryana and Punjab

Punjab is the land of five rivers; the Beas, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and sutlej. Its a fertile blessing to the country, a green carpet laid down to feed the country's millions. Punjab is lovingly known as the bread basket of India due to its phenomenal wheat production. The well watered and fertile land has delivered such bounty to the country not only in terms of rice, barley, sugarcane, maize, fruits and vegetables; it also produces 15%of the cotton of India. Punjab is the land of the proud and boisterous Sikhs and has given us such heroes like Bhagat Singh. From butter chicken to bhangra, the colourful people of Punjab has offered us much and spread their vibrant culture far and wide. The Punjabi though adapting to the modern world are traditional at heart and embrace their culture with great fervour.
Archaeologists uncovered that this part of India dates back 4000 years to Indus Valley Civilization established by Harappans. Buddist relics have been excavated at sites associated with the later Mauryan dynasty. while the Kurukshetra district has 360 historical sites within 92 sq km radius. The Mahabharata mentions Punjab's land and people while Valmiki is said to have worked on Ramayana at Ram Tirath near Amritsar. even Alexander the great reached Punjab before faltering.
Haryana name means either 'Abode of God' or 'green home'. Harayana split from Punjab in 1966 but shares a capital, Chandigarh. Its best known for the Hindu holy sight of Kurukshetra, the place dates back to the age of Mahabharata.

Population 24.3 million
Area 50,362 sq km
Capital Chandigarh
Main Language Punjabi
Best time to visit November to March

Population 21.1 million
Area 44,212 sq km
Capital Chandigarh
Main Language Hindi
Best time to visit November to March

  • Sikhism's holiest site of the Golden Temple of Amritsar is in Punjab.
  • Be a part of the patriotic fervour as cheering citizens of India and Pakistan watch the Border Closing Ceremony .
  • The modern metropolis of Nek Chand Fantasy Rock Garden.
  • The Pinjore Gardens and the Morni Hills for some green serenity.
Other Places of Intrest

Ludhiana - A major textile center and the venue of the Kila Raipur Sports Festival

Jalandhar -This city survived for 1000 years the relentless attack of Mohammed of Gazini and later became an important Mughal city. Now it is a commercial hub and the host city for the Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan.

Kapurthala - The home of the young Spanish dancer who married the maharaja. The story goes thus, the Maharaja saw her performance during the marriage ceremony of king Alfonso XIII of Spain, and fell in love with her. After a few courtships in Paris, they were married and she came to India.
For more information visit

Faridkot - was once capital of a Sikh state of the same name and has a 700 year old fortress. The city also hosts the Baba Sheikh Farid Aagman Purb Festival in September to honour the Sufi saint Baba Sheikh Farid whose preachings of equality very much influenced Guru Nanak and whose poems are in the Sikh holy book, The Guru Granth Sahib.


Festivals of Haryana and Punjab
  • Kila Raipur Sports Festival (Rural Olympics;; Feb; Kila Raipur, near Ludhiana)
  • Surajkund Crafts Mela (1-15 Feb; Surajkund)
  • Basant (Feb/Mar; Patiyala) Kite flying, singing, dancing and welcoming spring.
  • Baisakhi Festival ( Celebrates the onset of the solar year and first crop harvest with folk dancing.
  • Baba Sheikh Farid Aagman Purb Festival (Sep; Faridkot) A five day festival that commemorates the Sufi Saint.
  • Pinjore Heritage Festival (early Oct; Pinjore Gardens) A three day festival
  • Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan (; late dec; Jalandhar) Four day music festival in existance for 150 years showcasing Indian classical instrumentalists and vocalists.
  • Gita Jayanti (Nov/Dec; Kurukshetra) Week long celebrations on the anniversary of Bhagavat Gita.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A trip to Mt Abu

Mt Abu is the only Hill Station is Rajastan at a height of 1200m, offering a cool retreat from the sweltering sun and parched land. Hordes of tourist head this way from Rajastana s well as Gujarat. There are many bolanical delights here and a wide range of wild life exist on the slopes of the range that can be seen on the winding road towards the top. This place has many orchirds and trekking paths.

Tourist Information Tourist reception Center ph: 02974-235151; opp. the bus stand.

Nakki lake with its unique rock formations, Raghunath Temple.
View Points: Sunset point, Honeymoon point, Shanti Shikar
Dilwara Temples vimal Vasahi, House of Elephants, bhimashah Pittalhar, Mahaveerswami, Khartar Vasahi
Brahma Kumaris Spiritual U?niversity and Museum.

Excursions around Mt Abu Guru Shikar
Mt. Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

What you can do

Where you can stay
Hotel Samrat International ph: 02974-235153
Hotel Lake Palace ph: 02974-237154;
Kishangarh house ph: 02974-238092;
Kesar Bhavan Palace ph: 02974-235219;
Palace Hotel ph: 02974-238673;
Connaught House ph: 02974-238560;
Jaipur House ph: 02974-235176;

Where you can eat
Cafe Coffee Day (Coffee place) Rotary Circle
Shere Punjab Hotel (Punjabi and Chinese) main market
King's Food (fast-food joint) Nakki Lake
Arbuda (Gujarati, Punjabi and south-indian) Arbuda Circle
Kanak Dining Hall (thalis) Abu Rd
Jaipur House (Indian and Continental non-veg) mains

Getting there and away
Buses are available from the railway station.
Trains are available from Ahmedabad, Delhi, Ajmer & Jodhpur


Friday, January 4, 2013

A trip to Chiitorgarh

On the way from Udaipur to Bundi we come to a unpretensious town of Chittor famous for its fort so much it is called Cittorgarh. The town is famous for its fort not only for its spectacular fort complex, occupying a rocky mountain plateau, its impressive edifice with massive crenellated walls, arched gateways, deserted palaces and temples and the exquisite  Jaya Stambha, the Victory Tower but as the home of the most beautiful queen of Rajastan, whose beauty led to the destruction of the kingdom.

The story goes like this, Ala-ud-din Khilji, the Patan (Turko-Afgan) king of Delhi heard of the unparallel beauty of Rani Padmavati, wife of Rawal Ratan Singh of Chittor beseighed the fort of Chittor. He made a pact with the king that if he could just once see the face of Padmavati he would leave the kingdom in peace. It was dishonorable for a married woman to give show their faces to anyone except their husbands. The rajput women wore pardas over their faces all the time, a tradition which is still observed in orthodox Rajastan. Anyway for th esake of the kingdom Rani Padmavati agreed to show her face in a mirror to Ala-ud-din Kilji. Once he saw her, he was so overcome with lust that he wanted so beautiful a lady in his harem and so he continued his seigh over the fort. When all the resources were depleted the men of the kingdom decided that they would rather die in honour fighting with the enemy than live watching their women humiliated by the enemy. The women of Chittor knowing that their men were facing an enemy far more powerful than them and knowiing that the result of the seigh would only mean their dishonour committed jauhar (sacrificing oneself in holy fire) lead by Rani Padmavati. When the soldiers of Ala-ud-din Kilji entered the fort atlast all they could find were the bones and ashs of the women. Though the women died a long ago, the story resonated in the deserted hallways of the fort. The legend remains alive in the stories and bards sung by so many in honour of the virtuous women of Chittor.
Chittor is also mentioned in Mahabharat, Bhima struck the ground here and water sprang out forming the nearby reserviour.

All the Chittor's attractions are inside the Fort.
Rana Kumbha Palace
Fateh Prakash Palace
Jaya Stambha
Rani Padmini's Palace
Kirti Stambha
Meera Temple
Kumbha Shyama Temple
Excursions around Chittorgarh

Where you can stay
Hotel Ram Rakhi ph: 01472-249558
Hotel Chetak ph: 01472-241589
Hotel Padmini ph: 01472-241718
Hotel Pratap Palace ph: 01472-243563

Getting there and away
Express buses serve Delhi and travel regularly to Ajmer, Jaipur, Udaipur and Bundi.
Trains are also avilable from all the main stations mentioned above.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A trip to Bikaner

Bikaner, foundede by Rao Bika a decendent of Jodha. In its time it was an important stage post on the caravan trades. Bikaner has a fort to the nort-east outside the walls and the old city enclosed within its walls is still a maze of narrow irregular streets and has 5 entrance gates. 

Lalgarh Palace
Havelis & Temples
Ganga Governament Museum
National Research Center on Camels
Excursions around Bikaner
Karni Mata Temple
Devi Kund

Where you can stay
Hotel Meghsar Castle Ph: 0151-2527315;
Hotel Padmini Niwas Ph: 0151-2522794;
Hotel Palace View Ph: 0151-2543625;
Hotel Jaswant Bhawan Ph: 0151-2548848;
Bhairon Vilas Ph: 0151-2544751;
Hotel Desert Winds Ph: 0151-2542202;
Bhanwar Niwas Ph: 0151-2540201;
Laxmi Niwas Palace Ph: 0151-2202777;

Where you can eat
Laxmi Hotel(Veg. thalis) Station rd.
Amber (Veg) Station rd.
Suraj restaurent (thali) Rani Bazaar
Laxmi Niwas Garden Restaurent (veg and non-veg North Indian) mains
Gallops (veg and non-veg Indian Chinese tandoori) opp.Junagarh Fort

What you can do
Camel Rides are a rave here
Taste the assortment of namkeens Bikaner is famous for.
Shopping : Artistic Painting Miniatures.

Getting there and away:
Buses are available from Udaipur, Ajmer, Jaipur, Sikar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Agra and even Delhi.
Trains are available from Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A trip to Jodhpur

If Jaipur is the pink city, then Jodhpur in westren Rajastan is the 'blue city'. Jodhpur was founded by Rao Jodha, a chief of Rajput clan known as Rathores. The majestic fort rises up from the rugged landscape and watches over the now bustling city of Jodhpur. It was once known as Marwar and hosts the Marwar Festival every October.


Mehranghar - Jayapol,Fatehpol, Lohapol, palace complex, museum, Moti Mahal, Sukh Mahal, Phool Mahal, Holi Chowk, Chamunda Devi Temple
Jaswant Thada
Clock Tower & Markets
Umaid Bhawan Palace
Umaid Gardens & Sardar Governament Museum

Excursions around JaipurMandore  (Mandore Guest House ph: 0291-2545210;
Rohet  (Rohet Garh ph: 0291-268231;
Osiyan - Sachiya Mata Temple; Mahavira temple
Nagaur - Ahhichatragarh; Nagaur Camel Festival (Hotel Bhaskar ph:01582-240100; Hotel Mahaveer International ph:01582-243158)
Khichan - Phalodi (Lal Niwas ph:02925-223813;

What you can doTours
: Antique style furniture- Ajay Art Emporium(Palace rd.); Rani Handicrafts (palace rd.); Maharani Art Exporters (Tambaku Bazaar); Rajastan Arts & Crafts House (palace rd.).
Spices- MV Spices (Vegetable Market)

Where you can stay

Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli ph: 0291-2633448;
Shahi Guest House ph: 0291-2623802;
*Devi Bhawan ph: 0291-2511067;
Newtons Manor ph: 0291-2430686;
Heritage Kuchaman Haveli ph: 0291-2547787;
Ratan Vilas ph: 0291-2614418;
Haveli Inn Pal ph: 0291-2612519;
Karni Bhawan ph: 0291-2512101;
Pal Haveli ph: 0291-3293328;

Top End

Ranbanka Palace ph: 0291-2512801
Ajit Bhawan ph: 0291-2513333;
Taj Hari Mahal Palace ph: 0291-2439700
Umaid Bhawan Palace ph: 0291-2510101;
Taj Hari Mahal Palace ph: 0291-2439700;
Where you can eat
Hotel Priya & Restaurant (North and South Indian) Sojati Gate
Mid Town (Rajastani Thalis) Station Rd.
Jharokha (veg) Hotel Haveli
Kalinga Restaurant (veg and non-veg North Indian) Station Rd
*Indique (traditional tandoor and North Indian) Pal Haveli
On the Rocks (Indian Cuisine) mains
Mehran terrace (Veg and Non-veg) Mehrangarh
Umaid Bhawan Palace (Rajastani) Umaid Bhawan Rd

Getting there and away
RSRTC buses are available from Mt Abu, Jaisalmer, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jaipur, Ajmer, Bikaner even Delhi.
Trains run from Jaisalmer, Delhi, Jaipur, Bikaner. The Thar Express runs from Jodhpur to Karachi in Pakistan.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trip to Udaipur

Udaipur was formerly known as Mewar, Udaipur was founded by Maharana Udail Singh II. It is reputed for its patriotic fervour as it resisted the Muslims with all its might.
Udaipur with is sliver sleek waters of Lake Pichola, surrounding the Lake Palace which reflects in those clear water creating a fantasy feeling. The Cupola-crowned City Palace seems to be rising from the waters of the Lake. The whole of the city has a romantic feel to it. Udaipur is one of the best tourist spots of Rajastan.


Lake Pichola
Jagniwasa Island
Jagmandir Island
City Palace and Museums
Jagdish Temple
Fateh Sagar
Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum
Sajjan Garh (Monsoon Palace)
Vintage Car Collection
Sunset Point
Badi ka Talab

Excursions around Udaipur
Kumbalgarh: Wildlife Santuary(Shivika Lake Hotel ph:02934-285078; Karni Palace Hotel ph:02934-242033; Kumbhal Castle ph:02934-242171; Aodhi Hotel ph:02934-242341  
Ranakpur: Chaumukha Mandir; Neminath; Parasnath; Sun Temple; Ambamata temple; (Shivika Lake Hotel ph:02934-285078;; Ranakpur Hill Resort ph:02934-286411 www.ranakpurhillresort; Aranyawas ph:9829699413; Maharani Bhag Orchard Retreat ph:02934-285105)
Jaisamand Lake (Jaisamand Island Resort ph:02934-2431401;
Dungarpur : Juna Mahal; Deo Somnath Temple; (Hotel Pratibha Palace ph:02964-230775; Udai Bilas Palace ph:02964-230808

Where you can stay
Lal Ghat
Jaiwana Haveli ph: 0294-2411103;
Poonam Haveli ph: 0294-2410303;
Hotel Baba Palace ph: 0294-2427126;
Kankarwa Haveli ph: 0294-2411457;
Mewar Haveli ph: 0294-25211457;
Hotel Krishna Niwas ph: 0294-2420163;
Jheel Palace Paying Guest House ph: 98298275355
Anjani Hotel ph: 0294-2421770;
Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel ph: 0294-2420133;
Around Lake Palace Rd.
Hotel Mahendra Prakash ph: 0294-2419811;
Hotel Raj Palace ph: 0294-2410364
Hanuman Ghat
Lake Pichola Hotel ph: 0294-2431197;
Amet Haveli ph: 0294-2431085;
Udai Kothi ph: 0294-2432810;
Mountain Ridge ph: 0294-3291478; www.mountain
Pahuna Haveli ph: 0294-2526617;
Ram Pratap Palace Hotel ph: 0294-2431701;

Top End
Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel ph: 0294-2528016;
Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel ph: 0294-2528008;
Lake Palace Hotel ph: 0294-2528800;
Garden Hotel ph: 0294-2418881;
Udaivilas ph: 0294-2433300;
Where you can eat
Maxim's Cafe (Veg) Jagadish Chowk
Sunrise (home-cooked Indian) cnr Lal Ghat
Lotus Cafe (Indian veg & non-veg) Bhattiyani Chohtta
Parkview Restaurent (Indian) mains
Whistling Teal () Bhattiyani Chohtta
Bawarchi Restaurent (Veg Jain,Gujarati, Rajastani) Delhi gate
Mayur Rooftop Cafe (Multi-cuisine) Jagdish Temple rd
Berry's (veg & non-veg) Chetak Circle
*Ambrai (Indian cuisine) near Hanuman Ghat
Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel (veg & non-veg) Lal Ghat
Savage Garden (Mediterranean and Italian) Chandpol
Lake Palace Hotel (buffet)

What you can do

Horse Riding : Operators organise horse rides which could include lunch and transport.
Massage : Ayurvedic Body Care ph: 0294-5132802
Dharohar is a place to see Rajastani Folk Dancing.
Mewar Sound and Light Show
at City Palace
Tours : Five hour city tours from the RTDC
There are also excursions to Ranakpur and Kumbalgarh
Shopping : Known for its crafts and particularly miniature paintings in Rajastani-Mughal style.
Shops are abundent along the Lake Palace Rd and the Jaagdish Temple.
Rajasthali a fixed price governament emporium near Lal Ghat and Chetak Circle
Sadhna; an NGO set-up to help rural women.

Getting there and away

Buses from Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Chittor, Delhi and evn Mumbai. Private operators are also available.
Trains Udaipur, Delhi, Agra, Ajmer and even Ahmedabad.