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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visiting Jaipur?

Jaipur is the city of Victory,is the Capital of Rajastan. The city owes its name to the most famous warrior Maharaja Jai Singh who incidentally was a very learned astronomer of his time. In 1727 with the Mughal emperor on the wane Jai singh decided to move from his cramped hill fort in Amber, so he laid the plan to the beautiful city of Jaipur, which was surrounded by walla and rectangular blocks, according to the principles set down in the Silpasastra, an ancient Hindi architectural treatise. He also built in the Jantar Mantar Jaipur's ancient and yet remarkable accurate Observatory.
Jaipur has a well-preserved and living history, everywhere you look the you find glimses of the past that take you back thousands of years. However modren Jaipur has burst forth from its old defensive walls and is now shiny with crome and glaas buildings and modren shopping and facilities to accomodate the constant onrush of travellers triangulating from Delhi to Agra. There are three main interconnecting roads in the new part of town: Mirza Ismail (MI) Rd - where the majority of restaurents are found - Station Rd and Sansar Chandra Marg. Many tourist facilities are along or off this roads.

Tourist Information

Governament of India Tourist Office ph:2372200; Beyond the gated entrance of Hotel Khasa Kothi, provides brouchers of all of India.

Rajastan Tourism Development Corporation Central Reservation Office ph: 2202586; Behind the RTDC Hotel Swagatam, this Office handles bookings for RTDC hotels through out Rajastan, including the RTDC Tourist Village at the Pushkar Mela.


Old City (Pink City)
Hawa Mahal
City Palace
Jantar Mantar
Central Museum
Royal Gaitor
Galta Surya Mandir
Birla Lakshmi Narayan Mandir
Moti Dungri
Amber Palace

What you can do

Ayurvedic Massage
Kerala Ayurvedic kendra ph:5106743; www.keralaayurvedickendra; Bajaj Marg
Chakrapania Ayurveda ph: 2624003;

AstrologyDr. Vinod Shastri is the medal laden general secretary of Rajastan Astrological Council & Reserch Institute ph: 2663338

Walking Tour
A 4km walking tour of the city is all you need to take in the beauty of the busy bazaars and have a totally rajastani experience.
Starting at Panch Batti, beneth the statue of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, head north along MI Rd, then turn left at Gopinath Marg and enter the walled city. Once inside, walk straight towards the Kajane Walon ka Rasta (Teasure keepers road), where you will find fine marble crafts-manship. Turn right at Chandpol Bazaar and continue until you reach the intersection of Choti Chaupur and Kishanpol Bazaar, where textile artisans design their bandhani(tie-dye) and loharia (literally 'waves'; tie-dye technique creating a stripped and zigzagged effect).
After crossing Choti Chaupar, you will reach Tripolia Bazaar home to an array of metal trinklets and kitchen utensils. Tucked away to the right is Maniharon ka Rasta(Gemstone makers street), the domain of lac(resin) bangle makers. To the north of the bazaar is the soaring Iswari Minar Swarga Sal.
About 50m from the minaret is Tripolia Gate, the three arched main entrance to the City Palace though only royal decendendants are permitted to enter via the portals. The public entrance is to the left, via Atishpol (Stable gate). From here you can visit the city palace, the Jantar Mantar and, to the north of the city palace, the very impressive Govin Devji Temple, surrounded by gardens.
Come out of the complex through the Jaleb Chowk (You may need to ask). To your right is the Hawa Mahal and the bustling Siredeori bazaar. A few meters away is the large square Badi Chaupar and further south is the Johari bazaar, known for its gold and silversmiths. Many of the grand havelis shading the street belong to wealthy cotton merchants. Of particular interest here is the meenakari. This highly glazed and intricate enamel work in the shades of green and royal blue is a speciality of Jaipur.
If you turn right before Sanganeri Gate, you will reach Bapu bazaar, then furtherbwest is Nehru Bazaar, which extends between Chaura Rasta and Kishanpol Bazaar on the inside of the southern wall. Brightly coloured fabrics, camel skin shoes and perfumes make this area hugely popular with local women. At the end of Nehru Bazaar, to your left is the Ajmer Gate. come out of the gate and you will see MI road. Turn right from here and you will come back to Panch Batti.
The RTDC offers half/full day tours of Jaipur and arouns including the Amber Palace.
City night tours are also available
Book all tours at the RTDC Tourist Hotel Gangaur or any RTDC tourist offices.

Where you can stay

Bani Park
Hotel Anuraag Villa ph:2201679
Sajjan Niwas ph:2311544
Dera Rawatsar ph:2200770
Madhuban ph: 2200033;
Umaid Bhawan ph: 2206426
Umaid Mahal ph: 2201952
*Hotel Jaipur Palace ph:0141 2743161
Hotel Meghniwas ph: 2202034;
Jas Vilas ph:2204638;
Shahpura House ph:2203069;
Nana-ki-haveli ph:2615502;
Narain Niwas Palace Hotel ph: 2561291;
Alsisar Haveli ph:2368290;
Top End
Samode Haveli ph:2632370;
Jai Mahal Palace Hotel ph:2223636;
Raj Palace ph: 2634077;
Rambagh Palace ph:2211919;
Raj Vilas ph:2680101

Where u can eat

MI Road
Handi Restaurent (Mugalai)opp. main post office
Natraj Restaurent (veg orth Indian, continental, chinese)
Copper Chiminey (veg&non-veg Indian, continental, chinese)
Dr. Dosa (veg)
Niro's (veg & non-veg)
Moti Mahal Delux (veg & non-veg Indian)
Old City
Ganesh Restaurent (local cuisine)
LMB (veg)
Palace Cafe (veg & non-veg snacks)
Jai shankar Pavitra Bhijnalaya (veg Indian) near main Bus Station
Thali House (veg) station rd.
Four Seasons (veg) Subhas Marg
Little Italy (veg) Pritviraj Marg
Peacock Rooftop Restaurent (veg & non-veg) Hotel Pearl Palace Hari Kishan Somani Marg
Om Revolving Restaurent (veg) Church rd
Chocolate Boutique ;68 Gopal Bari rd.
Bake Hut ;Aravind Marg
Jal Mahal ; MI rd.
Baskin robbins ; Sanjay Marg
Barista ; Mall 21, Bhagwandas Marg
Cafe Coffe Day ; MI rd.
Lassiwala ; MI rd.


Raj Mandir Cinema ph:2379372 ; Bhagwandas Marg
Chokhi Dhani ph:2225001


Jaipur is famous for gemstones, main gem dealing area is Pahar jang of Surajpol
Johari and Siredeori Bazaars for jewellery shops selling gold, silver and fine meenakari work.
Bapu Bazaar is lined for sarees.
Kishanpol Bazaar is famous for bandhani textiles.
Nehru Bazaar has jootis(footwear)
Best place for bangles is Maniharon ka Rasta
Amber Rd is where you will find block prints, blue pottery, carpets and antiques

Rajasthali (MI rd opp. Ajmer Gate) Governament owned Emporium
Anokhi (C-11 Prithviraj Marg)
Fabindia (Sarojini Marg)

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