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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Suru Valley

The main road tto Zanskar winds prettily threough the fertile valley of Suru Valley, where many rustic stone built villages sit beneath a panorama of high valley walls and mountains that reach a thrilling climax with amazing views of Nun and Kun. Perhaps the best panorama is approaching Panikhar. A steep but satisfying day trek crosses from the Panikhar bypass road over the 3900m Lago La then descends to Parkachik, from where a bus returns to Kargil at 7 am. Just beyond the Parkachik a large dust blackened glacier crumbles into the Suru River as the road starts to wind up to the splendid Pensi La.

Where you can stay
J&K Bunglows

Getting there and away
Busses from Kargil to Panikar and busses from Parkachik towards Zanskar can deliver you to this place.

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