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Friday, January 11, 2013

A trip to Patiala

Patiala is a modest little town that was once the capital of independent Sikh state that was established by Baba Ala Singh as the Mughals weakened. It is famous for the Basant Festivities marking the birth of a new season and ofcourse the patiala peg. Funny story, a tent pegging competition between the men of the English Viceroy and the the men of the Maharaja of Patiala. the Indians invited the British for a party and got them drunk with larger than usual measures (or pegs) the day before the competition. They even changed the tent pegs, larger for the maharaja's men and smaller for the British. When the British complained about the tent pegs the maharaja assumed that he they were talking about the 'pegs' they had last night and said that the people of Patiala are very generous to their guests and their pegs are always bigger than else where. Even today  an extra large measure of whisky is called a Patiala peg.

Places of interest

Qila Mubarak fort - A crumbling fort that takes you back in time.
Arms Gallery - Host a collection of antique weapons.
Moti Bhag Palace - Showcases the ivory figurines and stuffed wild-animals
Old Moti Bhag Palace has the sports museum
Dukh Niwaran Gurudwara
- As the name suggests, relieves the sickness and suffering of the devotees who pray here.

Where you can stay
*Baradari Palace ph: 0175-2304433;
Hotel Narain Continental ph: 0175-2212846
Green's Hotel ph: 0175-2213071

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