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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Haryana and Punjab

Punjab is the land of five rivers; the Beas, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi and sutlej. Its a fertile blessing to the country, a green carpet laid down to feed the country's millions. Punjab is lovingly known as the bread basket of India due to its phenomenal wheat production. The well watered and fertile land has delivered such bounty to the country not only in terms of rice, barley, sugarcane, maize, fruits and vegetables; it also produces 15%of the cotton of India. Punjab is the land of the proud and boisterous Sikhs and has given us such heroes like Bhagat Singh. From butter chicken to bhangra, the colourful people of Punjab has offered us much and spread their vibrant culture far and wide. The Punjabi though adapting to the modern world are traditional at heart and embrace their culture with great fervour.
Archaeologists uncovered that this part of India dates back 4000 years to Indus Valley Civilization established by Harappans. Buddist relics have been excavated at sites associated with the later Mauryan dynasty. while the Kurukshetra district has 360 historical sites within 92 sq km radius. The Mahabharata mentions Punjab's land and people while Valmiki is said to have worked on Ramayana at Ram Tirath near Amritsar. even Alexander the great reached Punjab before faltering.
Haryana name means either 'Abode of God' or 'green home'. Harayana split from Punjab in 1966 but shares a capital, Chandigarh. Its best known for the Hindu holy sight of Kurukshetra, the place dates back to the age of Mahabharata.

Population 24.3 million
Area 50,362 sq km
Capital Chandigarh
Main Language Punjabi
Best time to visit November to March

Population 21.1 million
Area 44,212 sq km
Capital Chandigarh
Main Language Hindi
Best time to visit November to March

  • Sikhism's holiest site of the Golden Temple of Amritsar is in Punjab.
  • Be a part of the patriotic fervour as cheering citizens of India and Pakistan watch the Border Closing Ceremony .
  • The modern metropolis of Nek Chand Fantasy Rock Garden.
  • The Pinjore Gardens and the Morni Hills for some green serenity.
Other Places of Intrest

Ludhiana - A major textile center and the venue of the Kila Raipur Sports Festival

Jalandhar -This city survived for 1000 years the relentless attack of Mohammed of Gazini and later became an important Mughal city. Now it is a commercial hub and the host city for the Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan.

Kapurthala - The home of the young Spanish dancer who married the maharaja. The story goes thus, the Maharaja saw her performance during the marriage ceremony of king Alfonso XIII of Spain, and fell in love with her. After a few courtships in Paris, they were married and she came to India.
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Faridkot - was once capital of a Sikh state of the same name and has a 700 year old fortress. The city also hosts the Baba Sheikh Farid Aagman Purb Festival in September to honour the Sufi saint Baba Sheikh Farid whose preachings of equality very much influenced Guru Nanak and whose poems are in the Sikh holy book, The Guru Granth Sahib.


Festivals of Haryana and Punjab
  • Kila Raipur Sports Festival (Rural Olympics;; Feb; Kila Raipur, near Ludhiana)
  • Surajkund Crafts Mela (1-15 Feb; Surajkund)
  • Basant (Feb/Mar; Patiyala) Kite flying, singing, dancing and welcoming spring.
  • Baisakhi Festival ( Celebrates the onset of the solar year and first crop harvest with folk dancing.
  • Baba Sheikh Farid Aagman Purb Festival (Sep; Faridkot) A five day festival that commemorates the Sufi Saint.
  • Pinjore Heritage Festival (early Oct; Pinjore Gardens) A three day festival
  • Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan (; late dec; Jalandhar) Four day music festival in existance for 150 years showcasing Indian classical instrumentalists and vocalists.
  • Gita Jayanti (Nov/Dec; Kurukshetra) Week long celebrations on the anniversary of Bhagavat Gita.

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