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India has been called many names by those who see it. India appears as such to each as those who see it that way. Come take a look at my India through my eyes...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Humara Hindustan

India is a subcontinent, this I learnt when I was in school.
India is a subcontinent, this I have learnt in my geography class.
India is a secular country with a democratic constitution, this I learnt in a civics class.
India is the home of some ancient civilizations, this I knew from a history class.

But India is much more than these unimaginative words, India is a destination that is much more fantastical than any Narnia. If you have a little imagination you can live such fasinating stories in this country that you can every imagine. India has captured the imagination of many travellers. Those who venture into this country can hardly keep themselves from being drawn into its spirit. Those who see India are never the same any more. India offers such ancient wisdom, culture and guidence to those who seek it. It offers peace and tranquility to thos ewho crave it, it enlightens you and offers you an new direction to life. India has inspired many great writers, who enchanted by its differnt aspects have produced one of the greatest works by putting their pen to paper with magic as its ink.


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