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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visiting Pushkar?

Brahma dropped a lotus flower on the earth and Pushkar appeared. This is a Piligrimage town, with one of the world's few Brahma temple, the city curls around a sacred lake. The main attraction of this piligrim town are the temples and the Ghats.

Festivals & Events

In the month of Kartika during the full moon, is one of the holiest days observed by the Hindu piligrims who come to Pushkar to bath in the holy waters of the lake. Incence is burned, oil lamps were lit and set afloat on the holy waters, piligrims, tourists, mystics this place is filled with people from all over, making it one of the extraordinary and magical places to be in. As if that was not enough, this is the time of the year, Pushkar hosts the famous Camel Fair. Its a crowded, noisy, chaotic, tacky affair filled with musicians, tourists, traders, street performers, snake charmers, acrobats; and a mind boggling swirl of colors. Every year around 20,000 people converge here and bring their 50,000 or so animals from across different parts of Rajastan. Be here if you wish to experience the full extent of the chaos of Rajastan.



Where you can stay

Hotel White House ph: 0145-2772147
Bharatpur Palace ph: 0145-2772320
Hotel Navaratan Palace ph: 0145-2772981;
Pushkar Inn's Hotel ph: 0145-2772010
Green Park Resort ph: 0145-2773532;
Seventh Heaven ph: 0145-5105455;
Hotel New Park ph: 0145-2772464;
Hotel Goyal Inn ph: 0145-2773991;
Pushkar Resorts ph: 0145-2772944;
Jagat Palace Hotel ph: 0145-2772953

During the Camel Fair, the RTDC and several private operators set up a sea of tents near the fair grounds. There are usuallyfilled up with tour groups. Its cold at night , so bring something warm; a torch (flashlight) is also useful. You need to book well ahead.
RTDC Tourist Village ph: 0145-2772074
other option for tents
Royal Desert Camp ph: 0145-2772957;
Royal Tents Ph: 0291-2571991;

Where you can eat

Sunset Cafe (breakfasts Indian and Italian) mains
Sun-n-Moon (italian) Bari Basti
Honey & Spice (breakfast and lunch) Laxmi Market
Raju Terrace Garden Restaurent (pizzas) Sardar Bazar
sixth sense () Hotel Seventh Heaven
Rainbow Restaurent (Continental) mains
Moon Dance (Indian and Italian) mains
Little Italy Panch Kund Marg

What you can do

Camel Treks : For a long relaxing camel rides and travelling to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.
Reflexology by Dr NS Mathur ph: 0145-2622777
Music at Pushkar Music School ph: 0145-5121277
Yoga by Dr Kamel Pandey at Old Rangji Temple
Reiki by Master Roshi Hiralal Verma ph: 0145- 2773154
Shopping: Known for its silver trinklets, costume jewellery, glass lamps, embroidery and wall hangings. Textile handiwork comes from Barmer, this is a good place to buy some indo-westren wear.

Getting there and away

Regular buses are available from Ajmer.
Busses are also available from Agra, Bundi, Delhi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodpur, Udaipur.
Private cabs can also be rented.

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