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Monday, December 24, 2012

Visiting Shekawati?

Shekhawati was formerly a wealthy region acting as a trade route between the Arabian Sea and the Gangetic region. Home of the proud Thakurs and their magneficient havelis traditional and ornate. Though this region is semiarid and difficult to enjoy, the place has its own charm. It is a place to relax.

Sights to see
There are many half-forgotten villages with conceled havelis if you wish to explore traditional rajastan amoung which
Mahansar are notable.

Where to stay:Mandawa is the preferred base for travellers to Shekhawati and the villages around.
Hotel Shekhawati ph: 01592-223036
Hotel Mandawa Haveli ph: 01592-223088
Hotel Heritage Mandawa ph: 01592-223742;
Hotel Castle Mandawa ph: 01592-223124;
Bungli Restaurent ph: 01592-200084
Haveli Nadine Prince ph: 01571-231479;; at Fatehpur is also a choice.
Apani Dhani ph: 01594-222239;
Roop Niwas Kothi ph: 01594-222008;
Roop Vilas Palace Hotel ph: 9828199991; of Nawalgarh
Hotels in Jhunjhunu
Hotel Shiv Shekawati ph: 01592-232651;
Hotel Shekawatihetitage ph: 01592-237134;
Hotel Fresco Palace ph: 01592-325233
Hotel Jamuna Resort ph: 01592-232871;
and in Mahansar
Narayana Niwas Castle ph: 01595-264322;

Getting there
Busses are available from Jaipur, Delhi.

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  1. thankyou for the list of numbers and contact will surely move there while using it! like to business and work there !hope for all luck!