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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Visiting Deeg?

Built by Suraj Mahl in the mid 18th century as a summer resort for the kings of Bharatpur. Suraj Mahal Palace is one of India's most beautiful Palace complexes, made up of delicately proportioned buildings set in geometric gardens.

Suraj Mahal Palace
The main building Gopal Bhavan was used by the Maharajas until 1950s, containing the original furnishings, from faded,spilling sofas to huge swing fans. Built in a combination of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The palace sits infront of the Gopal Sagar, and is flanked by two exquisite pavilions.Outside the garden continue the extravagant theme; the Keshav Bhavan (Summer Pavilion) is engineered to mimic the sounds of thunder when it rains and has hundreds of fountains, which sprout coloured water during local festivals.

Deeg's massive walls and 12 vast bastions, some with their cannons still in place, are also worth exploring.

How to get there-
Frequent busses run to and from Bharatpur and Alwar. There is also a direct bus from Agra.

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